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School Rule

1. Parents/Guardians will be bounded by school rules in all respects as they are updated from time to time. In all matters of dispute, the decision of the principal will be binding on the Parents/Guardians.

2. In accordance with the rules Parents/Guardians will authorize the participation of their wards in compulsory Programmes, tours, treks, expedition’s camps etc. during their stay at the school.

3. The Parents/Guardians will hold the school indemnified against all claims arising out of the acts of illness, accident or any other causes.

4. The Parents/Guardians will authorize the principal & through him the staff of the school as to act as local parents of their wards while they are at school or on tours etc.

5. On behalf of the Parents/Guardians the principal is authorized to take necessary action in case of any emergency. e.g. surgical operations or any other such situations where their permission is needed but cannot be obtained in time.

6. Smoking, use of alcoholic drinks or drugs & leaving school without permission are strictly prohibited. Students involved in any such or similar activities will be expelled from the school.

7. The principal is fully empowered to remove a student from school hostel if, in his opinion, the student has failed to abide by the disciplinary standard of the school, and it his continued retention is detrimental to the interest of other students of the school,

8. Damage to school property including library books will have to be made good by the parents of the defaulting students.

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