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Guideline For the Student

JYOTI CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL is a secular school. We strive to create a common space for all pupils so as to learn and live in harmony with bone another, regardless of race language or religion we respect diversity but the school must be a common place for all to live and learn together. Hence the compliance to a common code of conduct and behaviour is necessary to safeguard this harmony.

Morning assembly

1 . Pupils are to assemble in the assembly area in quiet and orderly manner in the morning time

2 . Pupils must stand at attention during the flag-Raising Ceremony. Pupils must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. Students will take the pledge with the right fist placed Over the heart

Attendance and Punctuality

1 . Attendance in school or any school organised activity is compulsory. A medical certificate or an excuse letter is required for absence from school p align="justify">2 . Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without permission from The principal

3 . All Pupils must report to school by 07:30 AM and be seated in their class. Pupils must report punctually to class and any other school event\ activity .

Relating to school staff

1 . Pupils are to be polite and respectful at all times to the school staff p align="justify">2 . This includes the Principal, Vice-Principal, HODs, Teachers, General Office Staff, Security Guards, Canteen/Bookshop Operators school attendants and any staff of external agencies employed by the school. School Attire

General Category

1 . Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modifications to the uniform are not allowed.

2 . Pupils are to be in school uniform with proper footwear whenever they are in school, including school holidays and Saturdays.

3 . The school uniform must be worn neatly and shirts should always be tucked- in appropriately at All times regardless of location

Skirts for girls

1 . All skirts must be at knee-length.

Personal Appearance and Accessories

1 . No bracelets Rings necklaces chains friendship bands wristbands nose studs or any form of personal accessories (including religious ornaments) are to be worn with school uniform.

Conduct in the Classroom

1 . Pupils are to remain in their designated seats at all times unless permission is given by the subject Teacher

2 . Pupils are to ensure that the class is kept neat and clean at all times

3 . Pupils moving from one classroom to another must move together as a class in a quiet and orderly manner.


1 . Pupils must follow the instructions of the subject teacher.

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