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Procedure of Fee Payment


Fee is charged Quarterly for every student.

(a) Fee at the time of admission is payable by Demand draft/Pay-order in favour of Jyoti Central High School, Ekma, Saran.

(b) The name of your ward, Class and registration no. should be written at the back of the Demand Draft 1 Pay-order.

(c) Fee, thereafter, is payable by A/c payee cheque only at school office between 8.30 am to 1.00pm.

(d) The name of the child/class/section/admission no. should be written at the back of the cheque.

(e) Those using the bus must ensure that the correct amount is filled in the fee cheque.

Quarterly fee is due for payment on 1st April, 1st july, 1st October and 1st January of every year. Last date of payment is 10th of the first month of every quarter. A fine of Rs. 20/-par day shall be levied from the 16th of the month in which the school dues are to be paid till the end of the second month of that quarter.

In case where cheque is issued for any payment is dishonoured Bank for reason of insufficient funds, a penalty of Rs. 300/- will be charged and if dishonoured due to any other reason a penalty equal to Rs. 200/- will be charged. The name of the child is liable to be struck off the rolls, if the fee is not paid by the last date of the said months.

Note : Only the Registration Form should be submitted at the time of Registration. Forms are required only after the child is granted admission. Important Information v No Certificates/Testimonials are to be submitted along with any form unless specified. v This Form is only for Registration for Admission. v Kindly attach the Photocopy of Report Card of passed for Admission to Class 1 and above. Disclaimer : All the above terms & conditions are subject to amendment from time to time as per the decision of the management. The decision of the management shall be final in all matters pertaining to the admission process and policy matters of the school.

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